ripe MacIntosh apples on tree

The MacIntosh are Ripe

The Macs are ripe for the picking, and that’s just what we’re doing! 🙂 They are some of the best all-purpose apples. We’ve got 1 bushel boxes you can pickup at our cold storage, ½ peck bags at our self-serve stand and there are other quantities listed on our Available Fruit page.

Chrissy and Anne at Blandford Fair

Blandford Fair

We went to the Blandford fair and entered some of our beautiful apples. Two of our entries won 1st place blue ribbons. The Blandford Fair hosts every year, welcoming in people of all ages to enjoy many different events. There are tractor pulls and rides for little kids. You can even check out their website …

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boxes of Paula Red apples

The Paula’s are in

The Paula Reds are in. 🙂 They’re good for fresh eating and applesauce too. We’ve got 1 bushel boxes you can pick up at our cold storage, ½ peck bags at out self-serve stand and other quantities on our Available Fruit page.

workers picking Ginger Gold apples

Picking Gingers Golds

We’ve started picking our Ginger Goldies! Don’t forget to pick up some for a fresh salad, as they won’t brown easy after slicing. 🙂 You can buy ½ peck bags at our stand or 1 bushel boxes at the cold storage. For more information check out our Available Fruit page.

baskets of nectarines

Nectarines are Available

Our nectarine crop is coming in and looking good. 🙂 We’ve got 20 lb. boxes you can pick up at our cold storage, quarts at out self-serve stand and other quantities on our Available Fruit page.

baskets of peaches

Peaches are Here!

We are picking peaches and they are beautiful. 🙂 Come on over and pickup some of these juicy peaches. There are quarts ready at our self-serve stand, and you can check out other quantities here.

worker thinning the macouns

Thinning Macouns

Sometimes trees have more apples than they can even grow. This can cause the branches to crack and the apples to be very small. To help these trees farmers use a technique called “Thinning”. This frees up the tree to focus on the remaining fruit so that they grow large and juicy. So today we …

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paula red apples next to bird house

Paula Reds

It’s June 24th and the Paula Reds are sizing up! We’re looking forward to August when the apples are ripe. But we won’t have to wait that long for fruit because the peaches are ripening and will be ready next month.

workers spreading fertilizer

Rich Fertilizer

Rich Fertilizer makes for healthy trees, and healthy trees make the best produce. So we use fertilizer in our orchard to give our trees the vitamins and minerals needed to grow large and juicy fruit. Fertilizer has been used by farmers for hundreds of years to give their plants the best advantage they could. This …

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soap hanging from tree branch

Soap on Trees

Yeah, really. 🙂 We hang bars of soap on our trees to deter deer. The smell of soap and people deters deer from eating the tender leaves of the young trees. Starting back in 1968, Edward Jr. would try all sorts of tricks to keep the deer away. We eventually settled on using soap bars …

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