Workers picking Gala apples

The Picking Continues

We’ve started picking the Macintosh and Gala apples. The Macs are a good all-purpose apple that can be used cooked or raw and in both sweet and savory preparations. But not to be outdone, the Gala apples shine in fresh preparations and are perfect for use in salads and fresh eating.

Crates of Paula Red apples

The Reds are Here!

The Paula Red harvest is in full swing!! 🙂 They are great for fresh eating, salads, and for applesauce.

Worker picking Peaches

Peaches are on the Stand

The peach picking has begun!! We wait till the dew is off the trees and pick only the biggest and juiciest ones. Our self-serve stand is open so feel free to pick up a quart of peaches on your way through town! 🙂

Family & employees riding the Mountain Orchard float

4th of July Parade

We rode our float in the Granville Independence Day parade and won “Most Original Float!” Thanks to all family and employees who helped and participated, it was a great team effort! 🙂

Workers thinning peaches

Thinning Peaches

Occasionally trees make more fruit than they can handle. This causes the branches to split and the peaches to be small. So we “thin” the trees trimming away the excess peaches. This helps the tree put its effort into the remaining fruit so that they grow big and juicy and ready for picking in July!

Jensen Family riding Mountain Orchard float

Westfield Parade

Today we rode our float in the Westfield parade, celebrating Westfield’s 350th birthday. We are proud to have provided apples to this great city for over 50 years and we look forward to many more! 🙂

Peach blossoms on the Orchard

May on the Orchard

The orchard is opening it’s blossoms unveiling cascading rows of white and pink across the orchard. The peaches are blooming and the apples are not far behind. 🙂

Job Offer on Indeed

Now Hiring on Indeed

We’re looking to hire an Assistant Orchard Manager to work with us at Mountain Orchard. You can find the full job offer Here on Indeed. (read post to use link)

100th Anniverary of Mountain Orchard

100th Anniversary

It’s been 100 years since Edward Jensen planted the first apple trees that would later be know as Mountain Orchard. Since then the orchard has grown to include over eight thousand fruit trees. While most are apple trees, there are peach, pear and nectarine trees as well. Although things have changed in the world over …

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