Nestled in the foothills of the Berkshires lay the quiet little town of Granville where Edward and Anna Jensen purchased some land in 1919 and decided to settle down, start a family and plant some apple trees.

Edward Jensen
Edward Jensen Sr. (1892-1987)
Edward Jensen Junior
Edward Jensen Jr. (1925-2017)

What started out as a way to earn some extra income became a passion for their son Edward Jr. who married a lovely local woman named Anne and started his own family. Ed was a quiet, hardworking New England gentleman with strong Danish roots. He expanded the farm by acquiring his neighbor’s orchard on flatter land. This turned out to be a Godsend as later hail and other difficulties required the sale of the original orchard on Bad Luck Mountain. Not deterred by this, Ed worked on improving the newer land with perfectly aligned blocks of trees.

At the turn of the century, change came to Mountain Orchard as Ed’s daughter, Christina and her family took up the reins of running the family orchard as she saw her dad growing older. Now with the help of her mother Anne, they continue on with the 3rd generation Jensen legacy, which is Mountain Orchard.

Christina Jensen Teter & Anne Jensen
Christina Jensen Teter - Anne Jensen