Month: May 2020

Anne Jensen standing next to beautiful white blossoms on a Macoun apple tree

Snowball Blossoms

Today we were strolling through the orchard and saw so many beautiful white blossoms. 🙂 The Macouns are having a Snowball Bloom, and the air is full of the sweet smell of apple flowers and the buzz of bees, busily pollinating each & every one. All under a pleasant sky with drifting clouds, and every …

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Worker pruning nectarines

Pruning Nectarines

Sometimes too many leaves grow on a tree blocking the sunlight from reaching the fruit. To solve this, farmers prune off unneeded branches so the sun can reach the nectarines. This is beneficial because when the sun hits the nectarine it causes the nectarine to grow sweeter and ripen, also known as Sun Ripening. Yum! …

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