Welcome to Mountain Orchard

Growing quality fruit in Granville, Massachusetts since 1919

Mountain Orchard has been in operation since 1919 in the scenic foothills of the Berkshire mountains. The unique environment allows us to grow delicious apples, peaches, nectarines, and pears. Try our amazing produce to experience that crisp mountain flavor!

The Peaches are ready!

We’re picking our peaches and stocking our stand. Come and take a drive to the Berkshires and enjoy our fresh summer fruit!

Snowball Blossoms

Today we were strolling through the orchard and saw so many beautiful white blossoms. 🙂 The Macouns are having a Snowball Bloom, and the air is full of the sweet…

Pruning Nectarines

Sometimes too many leaves grow on a tree blocking the sunlight from reaching the fruit. To solve this, farmers prune off unneeded branches so the sun can reach the nectarines.…